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‘Flight’ Collection

This concept came about after talking to a regular customer. Years ago I made a collection of automated objects in silver & slate, scenes that came to life when their little handles were turned. Grasses swayed in the breeze, a Noah’s ark bobbed in the waves, ducks swam amongst bullrushes etc some of which were commissions but some I couldn’t bring myself to sell as they meant too much to me & they remain on display in our boutique. I’d been wanting to revisit them & after our chat about sadly loosing both of her parents, I suggested a new kind of vessel to store ashes that would signify flight within each scene. Again using silver & slate, the ashes could be held within the silver & slate box. I’ve loved working on these can’t wait to explore their potential with not only storing ashes but for christening gifts (I could work to any theme), wedding or anniversary gifts or just as objects for the home.


The elements ready to secure into the base.


‘Fleeting’. Solid Silver and Slate.



‘Flight’. Solid Silver and Slate.



‘Beneath the Moonlight’. Solid silver and slate.



The whole collection.

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New On-line Ring Collection Coming Soon

Not long now until we unveil our online store engagement and wedding band collection. Eek, excited!. We’ve selected our favourite designs which will be available to buy ‘off the peg’ very soon… Watch this space for further details or sign up to our newsletter for special offers…



I collaborated with a dentist on this piece.. To mark his ‘cotton’ wedding anniversary, he asked me to make the reel part of a cotton reel in solid 9ct gold.. He then (with his dentistry skills!) covered the thread in a dental compound to encase & protect the piece. I stamped their initials onto the base ‘label’ for a little extra detail, along with the silver tag to give it an ‘Alice in Wonderland’ oddness.


For price details or to discuss a bespoke piece that you may have in mind, email or call the shop Monday-Saturday 10am-5pm 01983 854618

Our Customers

Getting to know our customers over the years & creating pieces for them to mark important life events is always such a joy.. This lovely lady was no exception. Having made her mothers wedding band (one of my first ever 18ct white gold Strand rings set with a Diamond) many (many!) moons ago, I’d made pieces for her 18th & 21st & lots of treats for the pair over the years. I was overjoyed to be contacted in secret by her, then, boyfriend to make her engagement ring. To be asked to design their wedding bands was an honour.. Echoing her mothers Strand ring, this time in 9ct white gold, setting 2 diamonds in yellow gold, representing the two coming together.. 10 granulation beads mark how many years the pair have been together. His, a simple 9ct gold band. Congratulations you two 💕 For 100’s more examples, check out our Strand wiht Diamonds

Weddings, Weddings, Weddings!

Wedding season is fast approaching but don’t panic!. Drawing on my twenty years of experience, myself and my team can help make your day really special.

We can design and make the whole package, from the engagement rings to wedding bands to the all important wedding jewellery, through to gifts for all that contributed to making the day special. We also specialise in gifts for the happy couple to be, for example, our bespoke pictures are the perfect gift depicting the couples favourite scene or two simple love birds hand pierced, framed and signed. Our personalised bookmarks are also really popular choice.

For the full wedding details, click on Bespoke Archive which lists all of my favourite, most memorable commissions to date. To book an appointment with me drop us a line

Here’s a few of my recent faves..HJ_BESPOKE_Ellie & Russ 2

HJ_BESPOKE_Rosie ans Wayne 2

Wedding bands.. His: brushed silver with oxidised hand carved lines. Hers: 9ct White gold with White Sapphire (her birthstone) with Yellow gold granulation beads.

HJ_BESPOKE_Rosie ans Wayne 4

Wedding neckpiece in the making. Ivory enamel with cream freshwater pearls. Preparing to set the pearls onto the piece.

HJ_BESPOKE_Wedding Bands

Hers: solid 18ct Yellow gold with wave to accommodate her engagement ring. His: solid 9ct White gold oval section with brushed finish.

HJ_BESPOKE_View of Culver Wedding Anni Gift

‘View of Culver’ framed and signed hand pierced picture in sterling silver depicting of the couple’s favourite scene.

HJ_BESPOKE_Bridget 1

Beautiful winter bride wearing our ‘Ivy’ neckpiece in Echutchan Red enamel to match her berry colour scheme.