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Inherited Neckpiece

I loved making this piece. A surprise anniversary gift from husband to wife using an array of inherited bits of gold and stones they had collected over the years. I rolled down and forged a chunky gold wedding band to form the chain part of the piece, linking the back section with oxidised silver links. The Pieces of Eight were made from melted down gold and finished with rough, heavy hammered texture, set with Diamonds and Sapphires. Each piece representing a member of their family and stamped on the reverse with their dob’s. I just received the following email from him…

Dear Sophie,

I had to write and say how brilliantly stunning the necklace is. The subtle mounting of the diamonds and sapphires from my dear aunties antique rings has now given them a new audience. From the small idea we discussed you have produced a piece of jewellery that now carries with it such significant memories and has made a truly wonderful gift. Thank you so much.

Big smiles all round 🙂


The inherited gold.


Deconstructing the old gold ready to transform..


A different stone on the back of each ‘piece of eight’, pictured alongside the leftover gold.


The finished piece!


Easy Christmas Tree Treats!

The perfect tree gift 🎄Our classic enamel Pod studs & new ‘Mini Pieces of Eight’ charms stamped with festive themed designs.. Packaged & boxed with a length of leatherette to thread onto. What could be easier! Prices start from £12 For more info or for price enquiries, pop into the shop for a browse or email info@honeybournejewellery.comhj_blog_christmas_gifts_3hj_blog_christmas_gifts_2hj_blog_christmas_gifts_1

Enamelled Dala Horse Pendants

A tad too early to share these but we’re way too excited! Our hand pierced, double layered Swedish inspired Dala Horses are just about to be enamelled in their trademark vivid red, blue & green coats.. Very nearly ready for the shop, what this space!


Each piece has been hand pierced & layered onto a backing.


Adding the Vitreous enamel colour, ready to be fired in the kiln.



I collaborated with a dentist on this piece.. To mark his ‘cotton’ wedding anniversary, he asked me to make the reel part of a cotton reel in solid 9ct gold.. He then (with his dentistry skills!) covered the thread in a dental compound to encase & protect the piece. I stamped their initials onto the base ‘label’ for a little extra detail, along with the silver tag to give it an ‘Alice in Wonderland’ oddness.


For price details or to discuss a bespoke piece that you may have in mind, email or call the shop Monday-Saturday 10am-5pm 01983 854618

National Record Store Day Neckpieces

In celebration of ‘National Record Store Day’ this weekend, we’ve created these silver unisex miniature albums sleeves & record neckpieces, in collaboration with hand engraver and legend that is Peter Harris. Raff and I chose albums important us and Peter engraved the designs onto the pieces with his usual unbelievable skill. The mini 12″ silver records slip in & out of the sleeves.

We thought long and hard about our choices, which of your favourite album covers would you choose to wear???..

HJ_BLOG_ALBUMS_T Rex, Motorhead,Bowie on Record

Left: T Rex, Electric Warrior (partly why Rex is named so). Top: Motohead, Ace of Spades (a single, not an album but we couldnt resist). Right: Bowie, Aladdin Sane.

HJ_BLOG_ALBUMS_Sex Pistols on Bench

Sex Pistols, Never Mind the Bo@%ocks.

HJ_BLOG_Album Covers Bowie

David Bowie.

HJ_BLOG_ALBUMS_SexP, Strokes on Taxis

This was Rex’s idea to picture these next to his Hotwheels London Taxis!

HJ_BLOG_ALBUMS_Plectrums 1

We made some of our personalised silver plectrums and new to the fold, mini plectrums thay can be stamped with up to 3 initals.

HJ_BLOG_ALBUMS_Velvet, Bowie on Record 1 copy

Left: The Velvet Underground & Nico.


This is how they work as a neckpiece, hung at different positions, the vinyl can still slip in and out of the sleeve.

HJ_BLOG_ALBUMS_Pink on Record

Pink Floyd, Darkside of the Moon

HJ_BLOG_In the Making

A little sneaky peak into how they were made..

HJ_BLOG_ALBUMS_Rex and Pistols

Rex’s best ‘rock and roll face’.


Neil Young: Zuma plectrum and Album sleeve with record.


The Clash: London Calling


Prince: Dirty Mind


Solid silver plectrum engraved with ‘Sex Pistols’.

For price details or to discuss a bespoke piece that you may have in mind, email or call the shop Monday-Saturday 10am-5pm 01983 854618

Remembrance Poppy Pendants

Jewellery can not only celebrate the positive events that happen in ours lives but can also mark the sad times too. Our Remembrance pieces have become a really beautiful way to do just that. Ashes from a lost one can be incorporated into a piece and worn close to the heart.

It was such an honour to be asked to make these pieces for two sisters to represent the sudden passing of their beloved third sister.. Solid gold & silver Poppies set with their birthstones at the front, the reverse of the pendants are set with the ashes behind a Rock Crystal made to be worn close to the heart. The gold version has two more elements, a silver feather & golden heart, further representing such a lovely lady..

HJ_BLOG_Remembrance Poppy 3

The finished piece, yellow gold open heart and Poppy set with Amethyst and silver feather.

HJ_BLOG_Remembrance Poppy 1

Silver set with Turquoise.

HJ_BLOG_Remembrance Poppy 4

The finished gold group.

HJ_BLOG_Remembrance Poppy 2

Adding the ashes to the back of the piece, the crystal holds them in place.

HJ_BLOG_Remembrance Poppy 2

The reverse of the Poppies.

For lots more examples, check out our ‘Bespoke Archive’ and as usual, please phone ahead to book an appointment to discuss any ideas that you may have.

Thats all for now Sophie X



Presenting the second instalment for my ‘Home’ collection. ‘Igloo’

I built the first tiny silver Igloo completely by hand using miniature silver blocks. Getting the graduated dome effect was really tricky but I do enjoy a challenge.  The charms are now available to buy from our boutique, having been cast and hand finished in-house by our Honeybourne Jewellery team. I’m considering incorporating a tiny silver bell to add an icicle ‘chink’ sound…Hmm, how to do that hmm..

Now available to buy from our boutique.

HJ_BLOG_Igloo 2

Oxidised and rubbed back to reveal the intricate detail.

HJ_BLOG_Igloo 1

HJ_BLOG_Igloo Original 2

Working on the little block pieces.

HJ_BLOG_Igloo Original 1

The original piece off to the casters.

My silver Cuckoo Clock’s coming on nicely..

For my brand new micro collection entitled ‘Home‘. I’ve so loved working on this piece, my miniature Cuckoo Clock charm has been built by hand, to look just like the one to be found in our little boutique. Off to the casters and available very soon.. Stay tuned for my next ‘Home’ inspired piece…



The finished piece off to the casters..


My rough sketch.. I didn’t quite manage the toadstools, was just too tiny..


Broken saw blade stuck in place and rolled through the rolling mill give the clock it’s wooden texture ..


Our boutique Cuckoo Clock.