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Doorplates: Jewellery for the Home

The idea for our Doorplates came about when Raff and I were renovating our Victorian property 10 years ago. We removed the existing doorplates (or ‘finger plates’ as they’re also know) so that we could give the beautiful old doors a lick of paint. We then promptly lost the plates amongst the dust and rubble that comes with renovating! I was lamenting and Raff said “well why don’t you just make some more”!. What a wonderful idea, to reinvent them with our Honeybourne Jewellery twist, a kind of jewellery for the home.

My first attempts were (naturally!) made from hand pierced sheet silver with a soft hammered texture. Although they looked lovely in their own right, they got somewhat lost against the white doors. The answer? A new AJ Wells collaboration.

HJ_Blog_Origianl Doorplates 1

The original, silver Doorplates pictured next to the Vitreous enamel versions.

In 2011, we asked AJ Wells to laser cut our designs in steel, they then enamel them in gloss black Vitreous enamel. New to the collection are our Brass Doorplates in brushed finish. Both can be used for internal and external although expect some natural patina to occur on external doors..

HJ_BESPOKE_Sitting Birds Bathroom Doorplate2

The Doorplates looked great on our Victorian doors. An old idea with modern twist.

HJ_Blog_Sitting Birds Church St 2

One of our original Victorian doors with ‘Sitting Birds’.

Here are some pictured at the Royal Hotel, Ventnor. The plates beautifully complimented their elegant style with contemporary dining ethos.

HJ_Blog_Flying Birds Bar

‘Flying Birds’ pictured on the entrance to the Royal’s bar.

HJ_Blog_Sitting & Flying Bird

I love the contrast of gloss black enamel against the brushed brass. Left: ‘Flying Birds’, right ‘Sitting Birds’, pictured on the main entrance.

HJ_Blog_Sitting Birds Church St 3

Honeybourne Jewellery boutique’s very own front door!. ‘Sitting Birds’.

HJ_BESPOKE_Bathroom Doorplate

A lovely home in Guildford had both ‘Sitting Birds’ and ‘Flying Birds’ throughout their home. This one is pictured in the Bathroom.

Now available to buy from our on-line shop, with more designs and colour options to follow.

That’s all for now X