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Gold Set Tooth

One for the macabre lovers amongst us!. I was asked to set this molar into a gold setting for a man. As my regular customers may know, I’m quite fascinated by Victorian jewellery and love how they made quite dark and macabre objects into beautiful pieces. Most would agree that teeth aren’t that pretty but turn them upside down and there’s something very ‘sea life creature’ about them. This particular tooth had rather beautiful roots that reminded me of coral and so I worked the design and setting to their advantage giving it a sea creature feel. My aim was that at first glance, one wouldn’t know what the piece originally was.




Guess How Much I Love You

I loved recreating such a beautiful story within this silver pendant for a mother to give to her daughter on her 21st birthday. Stamped on the back was “to the moon & back”. I’m sure she won’t mind me saying but she got choked up describing how much the book meant to them both 


For price details or to discuss a bespoke piece that you may have in mind, email or call the shop Monday-Saturday 10am-5pm 01983 854618


I collaborated with a dentist on this piece.. To mark his ‘cotton’ wedding anniversary, he asked me to make the reel part of a cotton reel in solid 9ct gold.. He then (with his dentistry skills!) covered the thread in a dental compound to encase & protect the piece. I stamped their initials onto the base ‘label’ for a little extra detail, along with the silver tag to give it an ‘Alice in Wonderland’ oddness.


For price details or to discuss a bespoke piece that you may have in mind, email or call the shop Monday-Saturday 10am-5pm 01983 854618

‘Our Island’ Series

Emily and I collaborated on this collection of Isle of Wight inspired pictures set within vintage frames, for our boutique. Solid silver using a range of stamping, hand piercing and collage techniques. They proved to be a big hit and were bought as wedding gifts, holiday souvenirs and even one to mark a first year wedding anniversary by the happy couple.HJ_BESPOKE_IOW ANTIQUE FRAMES HJ_BESPOKE_IOW PICS ANTIQUE HJ_BESPOKE_IOW PICS ANTIQUE



Email us to discuss your unique piece and for price details and for more examples


Our Customers

Getting to know our customers over the years & creating pieces for them to mark important life events is always such a joy.. This lovely lady was no exception. Having made her mothers wedding band (one of my first ever 18ct white gold Strand rings set with a Diamond) many (many!) moons ago, I’d made pieces for her 18th & 21st & lots of treats for the pair over the years. I was overjoyed to be contacted in secret by her, then, boyfriend to make her engagement ring. To be asked to design their wedding bands was an honour.. Echoing her mothers Strand ring, this time in 9ct white gold, setting 2 diamonds in yellow gold, representing the two coming together.. 10 granulation beads mark how many years the pair have been together. His, a simple 9ct gold band. Congratulations you two 💕 For 100’s more examples, check out our Strand wiht Diamonds

It’s All About Charm Bangles

Our Charm Bangles are ever popular at the moment. Here are just a few made for our customers recently. You can choose from our personalised ‘Pieces of Eight’, hand pierced IOW’s (new to the fold are our solid 9ct gold versions) and ‘Birthstone Charms’ or we can create something especially for you.. For inspiration, visit our ‘Bespoke Archive’ or pop into our shop for a browse. For pricing info, buzz the shop 01983 854618 or email

HJ_BESPOKE_Customers Rings and Bangles

We couldn’t resist taking this pic of our regular customer when she popped in the other day, sporting many of her Honeybourne Jewellery creations!.

HJ_BESPOKE_Charm Bangles

Pieces of Eight, Birthstones, IOW’s and lots of other personalised pieces!.

HJ_BESPOKE_60th Birthday Bangle

This piece was made for a 60th birthday gift, each of the six squares represents her birthday.

HJ_BESPOKE_Aquamarine Torc

Solid silver torc bangle with hammered texture, set with the customer’s Aquamarine birthstones.

For price details or to discuss a bespoke piece that you may have in mind, email or call the shop Monday-Saturday 10am-5pm 01983 854618



National Record Store Day Neckpieces

In celebration of ‘National Record Store Day’ this weekend, we’ve created these silver unisex miniature albums sleeves & record neckpieces, in collaboration with hand engraver and legend that is Peter Harris. Raff and I chose albums important us and Peter engraved the designs onto the pieces with his usual unbelievable skill. The mini 12″ silver records slip in & out of the sleeves.

We thought long and hard about our choices, which of your favourite album covers would you choose to wear???..

HJ_BLOG_ALBUMS_T Rex, Motorhead,Bowie on Record

Left: T Rex, Electric Warrior (partly why Rex is named so). Top: Motohead, Ace of Spades (a single, not an album but we couldnt resist). Right: Bowie, Aladdin Sane.

HJ_BLOG_ALBUMS_Sex Pistols on Bench

Sex Pistols, Never Mind the Bo@%ocks.

HJ_BLOG_Album Covers Bowie

David Bowie.

HJ_BLOG_ALBUMS_SexP, Strokes on Taxis

This was Rex’s idea to picture these next to his Hotwheels London Taxis!

HJ_BLOG_ALBUMS_Plectrums 1

We made some of our personalised silver plectrums and new to the fold, mini plectrums thay can be stamped with up to 3 initals.

HJ_BLOG_ALBUMS_Velvet, Bowie on Record 1 copy

Left: The Velvet Underground & Nico.


This is how they work as a neckpiece, hung at different positions, the vinyl can still slip in and out of the sleeve.

HJ_BLOG_ALBUMS_Pink on Record

Pink Floyd, Darkside of the Moon

HJ_BLOG_In the Making

A little sneaky peak into how they were made..

HJ_BLOG_ALBUMS_Rex and Pistols

Rex’s best ‘rock and roll face’.


Neil Young: Zuma plectrum and Album sleeve with record.


The Clash: London Calling


Prince: Dirty Mind


Solid silver plectrum engraved with ‘Sex Pistols’.

For price details or to discuss a bespoke piece that you may have in mind, email or call the shop Monday-Saturday 10am-5pm 01983 854618

Remembrance Poppy Pendants

Jewellery can not only celebrate the positive events that happen in ours lives but can also mark the sad times too. Our Remembrance pieces have become a really beautiful way to do just that. Ashes from a lost one can be incorporated into a piece and worn close to the heart.

It was such an honour to be asked to make these pieces for two sisters to represent the sudden passing of their beloved third sister.. Solid gold & silver Poppies set with their birthstones at the front, the reverse of the pendants are set with the ashes behind a Rock Crystal made to be worn close to the heart. The gold version has two more elements, a silver feather & golden heart, further representing such a lovely lady..

HJ_BLOG_Remembrance Poppy 3

The finished piece, yellow gold open heart and Poppy set with Amethyst and silver feather.

HJ_BLOG_Remembrance Poppy 1

Silver set with Turquoise.

HJ_BLOG_Remembrance Poppy 4

The finished gold group.

HJ_BLOG_Remembrance Poppy 2

Adding the ashes to the back of the piece, the crystal holds them in place.

HJ_BLOG_Remembrance Poppy 2

The reverse of the Poppies.

For lots more examples, check out our ‘Bespoke Archive’ and as usual, please phone ahead to book an appointment to discuss any ideas that you may have.

Thats all for now Sophie X


How to do Bespoke!

Bespoke jewellery is what we do best. Over the last 20 years, I have worked alongside 1000’s of clients, designing and making their perfect pieces of jewellery. From dramatic neckpieces & men’s jewellery, wedding  & engagement rings, right through to signed and framed pictures.  Myself and my two Honeybourne Jewellery colleagues, Raff & Emily, can make the entire spectrum on the premises..

HJ_BLOG_Bespoke Collage

For our full range, check our our ‘Bespoke Archive’.

We pride ourselves on making life as easy as possible for our customer’s as we understand that it can be a daunting task placing that initial order but we feel that our years of expertise and relaxed and friendly approach will put you at ease. We feel that it is testament to our passionate approach that keeps our customers coming back time and time again.

Relax, bespoke doesn’t have to be daunting! Here are some frequently asked questions answered..

“I want to propose to my partner, I think I know her style but I don’t have her exact size” This is a common issue as guessing the size and style can be an almost impossible task but relax, we have the answer!. We have lots of rings in many different styles in stock that can be bought and used for the special proposal. As long as the ring is un-worn (no problem to use it for the all important social media announcement!) the happy couple can make an appointment together where we can discuss designing and making up the real mccoy adding her design input. The original ring is then returned to us (please note, terms for this service apply, ask for more details). On some occasions, we can make a ‘mock up’ ring for the proposal using silver and semi precious stones. The final piece is then made (addressing any design ‘tweaks’ from the bride) in gold and precious stones such as Diamonds.

“Can I use old stones and gold” Yes! We love nothing more than to remove old stones from old fashioned settings, incorporating them into brand new Honeybourne Jewellery style designs. We can also provide any stones required to suit any budget. Although we cannot melt down old gold to make new jewellery, we can use it for detail and design (see our ‘Bespoke Archive‘ for more info

“How long does it take to have something made” That depends on the piece. Our personalised jewellery, such as our ‘Pieces of Eight’ collections, bookmarks and keyrings, can be made as quickly as 2-3 days. More intricate, involved pieces such as engagement rings or pieces using inherited stones and gold can take between 4-8 weeks but we try to be as accommodating as is possible. If using inherited material, we often make a silver ‘mock-up’ for the customer to try before they decide on the final design at no extra cost. It’s extremely  important to us that they are 100% happy with every aspect before the final piece is made. This allows our customer’s to have full input and involvement from start to finish with our guidance.

“Can I just turn up at the boutique and order or do I need to make an appointment” Our shop opening hours are Mon-Sat 10am-5pm. We are always happy for customers to pop in for a browse, a try on or just to gather inspiration and our team are fully trained in taking an array of commissions, such as our personalised pieces and Pieces of Eight jewellery, ‘off the peg’ enamels in different shades, advising on ring sizing etc. However, if you want to discuss more complex designs, please always phone ahead to book an appointment with me (Sophie!) or to see if I’m in the workshop as I’m not always available as very busy creating current commissions.

“How much extra does it cost to have bespoke” Having something ‘bespoke’ ( handmade for you), doesn’t make it more expensive than buying ‘off the peg’. The cost depends on the materials used, silver or gold etc, and the complexity of the design and how long it may take to make. We do not charge extra for bespoke, we provide quotes before we proceed with any order and are also more than happy to work to your budget, providing ‘menu style’ options to choose from.

“Help, I can’t draw, do I have to provide sketches ” No! We pride ourselves on making pieces for all, from those who have exact ideas of what they want to those who have only a tiny ‘spark’ of an idea. We can advise throughout.

“Can I see other pieces that people have had made” Yes! Our ‘Bespoke Archive‘ is our unique collection of our favourite pieces from the last 20 years. It also shows the width and breath of what we can achieve for you. We don’t include prices as the pieces are too personal and are often gifts, so please call the shop for details Mon-Sat 10am-5pm 01983 854618 

For any more info, please drop us a line on or pop in to see us. We very much look forward to creating your ideas.. X