Bespoke Information


Sophie designs and makes bespoke pieces on the premises. Bespoke pieces can be commissioned in silver, 9ct and 18ct gold, with clients able to incorporate inherited stones, such as diamonds, into designs giving each work a personal and sentimental touch.

“Over the years I’ve worked on hundreds of pieces from the weird and wonderful to the more classic and traditional. I love to work with clients, combining their ideas and thoughts, adding my signature twist and expertise. The Bespoke Archive’ on our new website now allows customer’s to study this body of work to gather inspiration”

Also detailed in the archive is a selection of wedding jewellery commissions. Sophie has 20 years experience, having worked with hundreds of couples on a wide range of bespoke projects.  Ordering and designing engagement rings and wedding bands can be a daunting task, Sophie can guide you through each stage from the start. Honeybourne Jewellery’s Bespoke archive details the whole wedding package from rings and bridal neckpieces through to bridesmaids, mother of the bride and best man gifts, as well as bespoke gifts for the happy couple. We don’t include pricing info on the Archive as the pieces are too personal and are often gifts but please call the shop for more details Mon-Sat 10am-5pm 01983 854618

Please note that Honeybourne Jewellery’s Bespoke service is currently available by appointment only. Check out our ‘How to do Bespoke’ Blog post for frequently asked questions How to do Bespoke 

As our ‘Bespoke Archive’ is made up of mainly personal pieces and special gifts, it would be rather rude of us to divulge prices (!) so we’ve added an indication to price via a £-££’s system to each piece.

-£ Under £50

-££ Under £100

-£££ Under £300

-££££ Under £500

-£££££ Under £1000

-££££££ Above £1000

To arrange an appointment with Sophie at their boutique on the Isle of Wight please contact: