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‘Our Island’ Series

Emily and I collaborated on this collection of Isle of Wight inspired pictures set within vintage frames, for our boutique. Solid silver using a range of stamping, hand piercing and collage techniques. They proved to be a big hit and were bought as wedding gifts, holiday souvenirs and even one to mark a first year wedding anniversary by the happy couple.HJ_BESPOKE_IOW ANTIQUE FRAMES HJ_BESPOKE_IOW PICS ANTIQUE HJ_BESPOKE_IOW PICS ANTIQUE



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Our Customers

Getting to know our customers over the years & creating pieces for them to mark important life events is always such a joy.. This lovely lady was no exception. Having made her mothers wedding band (one of my first ever 18ct white gold Strand rings set with a Diamond) many (many!) moons ago, I’d made pieces for her 18th & 21st & lots of treats for the pair over the years. I was overjoyed to be contacted in secret by her, then, boyfriend to make her engagement ring. To be asked to design their wedding bands was an honour.. Echoing her mothers Strand ring, this time in 9ct white gold, setting 2 diamonds in yellow gold, representing the two coming together.. 10 granulation beads mark how many years the pair have been together. His, a simple 9ct gold band. Congratulations you two 💕 For 100’s more examples, check out our Strand wiht Diamonds