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National Record Store Day Neckpieces

In celebration of ‘National Record Store Day’ this weekend, we’ve created these silver unisex miniature albums sleeves & record neckpieces, in collaboration with hand engraver and legend that is Peter Harris. Raff and I chose albums important us and Peter engraved the designs onto the pieces with his usual unbelievable skill. The mini 12″ silver records slip in & out of the sleeves.

We thought long and hard about our choices, which of your favourite album covers would you choose to wear???..

HJ_BLOG_ALBUMS_T Rex, Motorhead,Bowie on Record

Left: T Rex, Electric Warrior (partly why Rex is named so). Top: Motohead, Ace of Spades (a single, not an album but we couldnt resist). Right: Bowie, Aladdin Sane.

HJ_BLOG_ALBUMS_Sex Pistols on Bench

Sex Pistols, Never Mind the Bo@%ocks.

HJ_BLOG_Album Covers Bowie

David Bowie.

HJ_BLOG_ALBUMS_SexP, Strokes on Taxis

This was Rex’s idea to picture these next to his Hotwheels London Taxis!

HJ_BLOG_ALBUMS_Plectrums 1

We made some of our personalised silver plectrums and new to the fold, mini plectrums thay can be stamped with up to 3 initals.

HJ_BLOG_ALBUMS_Velvet, Bowie on Record 1 copy

Left: The Velvet Underground & Nico.


This is how they work as a neckpiece, hung at different positions, the vinyl can still slip in and out of the sleeve.

HJ_BLOG_ALBUMS_Pink on Record

Pink Floyd, Darkside of the Moon

HJ_BLOG_In the Making

A little sneaky peak into how they were made..

HJ_BLOG_ALBUMS_Rex and Pistols

Rex’s best ‘rock and roll face’.


Neil Young: Zuma plectrum and Album sleeve with record.


The Clash: London Calling


Prince: Dirty Mind


Solid silver plectrum engraved with ‘Sex Pistols’.

For price details or to discuss a bespoke piece that you may have in mind, email or call the shop Monday-Saturday 10am-5pm 01983 854618