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Remembrance Poppy Pendants

Jewellery can not only celebrate the positive events that happen in ours lives but can also mark the sad times too. Our Remembrance pieces have become a really beautiful way to do just that. Ashes from a lost one can be incorporated into a piece and worn close to the heart.

It was such an honour to be asked to make these pieces for two sisters to represent the sudden passing of their beloved third sister.. Solid gold & silver Poppies set with their birthstones at the front, the reverse of the pendants are set with the ashes behind a Rock Crystal made to be worn close to the heart. The gold version has two more elements, a silver feather & golden heart, further representing such a lovely lady..

HJ_BLOG_Remembrance Poppy 3

The finished piece, yellow gold open heart and Poppy set with Amethyst and silver feather.

HJ_BLOG_Remembrance Poppy 1

Silver set with Turquoise.

HJ_BLOG_Remembrance Poppy 4

The finished gold group.

HJ_BLOG_Remembrance Poppy 2

Adding the ashes to the back of the piece, the crystal holds them in place.

HJ_BLOG_Remembrance Poppy 2

The reverse of the Poppies.

For lots more examples, check out our ‘Bespoke Archive’ and as usual, please phone ahead to book an appointment to discuss any ideas that you may have.

Thats all for now Sophie X