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Christmas Wish List

Make it easy for the poor darlings.. Now available in our boutique our Christmas wish list book..

Our bespoke orders list will be closing by the end of November (with the exception of Pieces of Eight jewellery) so please do get in quickly to avoid disappointment.. But fear not, our boutique is bursting with gorgeous new off the peg solutions!.

HJ_BLOG_Christmas Wish List


Presenting the second instalment for my ‘Home’ collection. ‘Igloo’

I built the first tiny silver Igloo completely by hand using miniature silver blocks. Getting the graduated dome effect was really tricky but I do enjoy a challenge.  The charms are now available to buy from our boutique, having been cast and hand finished in-house by our Honeybourne Jewellery team. I’m considering incorporating a tiny silver bell to add an icicle ‘chink’ sound…Hmm, how to do that hmm..

Now available to buy from our boutique.

HJ_BLOG_Igloo 2

Oxidised and rubbed back to reveal the intricate detail.

HJ_BLOG_Igloo 1

HJ_BLOG_Igloo Original 2

Working on the little block pieces.

HJ_BLOG_Igloo Original 1

The original piece off to the casters.


I love this time of year, blustery winter walks, Sunday roasts and toadstool spotting!.


HJ_BLOG_Forest Walk

Forest Walk.

HJ_BLOG_Kite Flying

Rex’s first kite flight!.


Ruby Quill for a Writer

This was a lovely commission to work on. A (very proud!) father asked if I could make something to celebrate his daughter completing her English Ba Hons. This, hand carved and formed, oxidised solid silver quill represents her future as a writer. The Ruby cabochon stones represent little dots of ink.

HJ_BESPOKE_Feather Ruby Ring

Baby Hair Pendants

Our Baby Hair pendants have become hugely popular gifts for mothers over the last few years. The idea came to me when we had our son Rex. Partly pinching from the Victorian locket idea, I wanted to incase a lock of Rex’s hair. Setting tiny strands of baby hair behind a clear stone such as an Aquamarine, or Rock Chrystal, actually magnifies the hair. I have set up to three children’s hair behind a single stone before and as long as there is a difference in hair colour, the shades can easily be identified.

Here’s a few of my favourites..

HJ_BESPOKE_Baby Hair Pendant1

The hair from two children being prepared and added to the charm.

HJ_BESPOKE_Baby Hair Pendant2

This one was from a new born, very little hair but worked beautifully.

HJ_BESPOKE_Gold Baby Hair Bangle with P8s2

The hair from 3 sisters set in 9ct gold onto the mothers existing Pieces of Eight bangle.

HJ_BESPOKE_Heart Baby Hair Pendant with Drop Ears

Hair from a brother and sister set onto a heart shaped pendant.